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Chapter 121 – Radiation Retinopathy and Papillopathy

Chapter 121 – Radiation Retinopathy and Papillopathy   DESMOND B. ARCHER           DEFINITION • A chronic, progressive retinal and papillary vasculopathy induced by suprathreshold doses of ionizing radiation.   KEY FEATURES • Retinal microaneurysms. • Retinal hemorrhages. • Retinal telangiectatic vessels. • Retinal hard exudates. • Macular edema. • Cotton-wool spots. […]

Chapter 117 – Diabetic Retinopathy

Chapter 117 – Diabetic Retinopathy   BRETT J. ROSENBLATT WILLIAM E. BENSON           DEFINITION • Progressive dysfunction of the retinal vasculature caused by chronic hyperglycemia.   KEY FEATURES • Microaneurysms. • Retinal hemorrhages. • Retinal lipid exudates. • Cotton-wool spots. • Capillary nonperfusion. • Macular edema. • Neovascularization.   ASSOCIATED FEATURES […]

Chapter 116 – Retinopathy of Prematurity

Chapter 116 – Retinopathy of Prematurity   FRANCO M. RECCHIA ANTONIO CAPONE           DEFINITION • A disorder of premature, low-birth-weight infants featuring abnormal proliferation of developing retinal blood vessels at the junction of vascularized and avascular retina.   KEY FEATURES • Avascular, peripheral retina. • A demarcation line lying within the […]

Chapter 113 – Hypertensive Retinopathy

Chapter 113 – Hypertensive Retinopathy   ADAM H. ROGERS         Chronic Hypertensive Retinopathy Malignant Acute Hypertensive Retinopathy   DEFINITION • Retinal vascular changes occurring from chronically elevated systemic arterial hypertension.   KEY FEATURES • Narrowing and irregularity of retinal arteries. • Arteriovenous nicking (narrowing of retinal veins at arteriovenous crossing sites). • […]