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Chapter 94 – Eyelid Trauma and Reconstruction Techniques

Chapter 94 – Eyelid Trauma and Reconstruction Techniques   JEFFREY P. GREEN GEORGE C. CHARONIS ROBERT ALAN GOLDBERG           DEFINITION • Injuries varying from simple skin abrasions to more complex cases with extensive tissue loss and underlying fractures of the facial skeleton.   KEY FEATURES • Caused by blunt or penetrating […]

Chapter 93 – Eyelid Malignancies

Chapter 93 – Eyelid Malignancies   GREGORY J. VAUGHN RICHARD K. DORTZBACH GREGG S. GAYRE           DEFINITION • Cutaneous cancers that arise from the epidermis, dermis, or adnexal structures of the eyelid. Rarely they may be metastatic from distant sites. They include a number of histologically distinct tumors from diverse skin […]

Chapter 92 – Benign Eyelid Lesions

Chapter 92 – Benign Eyelid Lesions ANN G. NEFF KEITH D. CARTER INTRODUCTION The eyelids may be affected by a wide spectrum of benign and malignant lesions. In a study that analyzed all eyelid lesions submitted for histopathological examination over a 38-year period, benign lesions were 3 times more frequent than malignant neoplasms.[1] Many lesions […]

Chapter 85 – Eyelid Retraction

Chapter 85 – Eyelid Retraction   GENE R. HOWARD           DEFINITION • Deviation from the normal position of the upper or lower eyelid margin with respect to the limbus of the eye.   KEY FEATURES • Upper eyelid margin above superior corneal limbus. • Lower eyelid margin below inferior corneal limbus. […]