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CHAPTER 27 THE RED CELL MEMBRANE Williams Hematology CHAPTER 27 THE RED CELL MEMBRANE PATRICK G. GALLAGHER BERNARD G. FORGET Introduction Composition of the Erythrocyte Membrane Membrane Lipids Membrane Proteins Functions of the Erythrocyte Membrane Membrane Assembly and Organization Cellular Deformability and Membrane Stability Membrane Material Properties Membrane Biogenesis and Aging Membrane Permeability Chapter References […]

Chapter 27 – Refractive Aspects of Cataract Surgery

Chapter 27 – Refractive Aspects of Cataract Surgery   MARIA REGINA CHALITA RONALD R. KRUEGER BRIAN S. BOXER WACHLER   INTRODUCTION The precise postoperative refractive outcome of cataract surgery became a main focus during the 1990s.[1] Small incision surgical techniques such as clear corneal or posterior limbal tunnel incisions,[2] combined with astigmatic keratotomy and the […]


CHAPTER 27 DELIRIUM Practice of Geriatrics CHAPTER 27 DELIRIUM Joseph Francis, Jr., M.D., M.P.H. Basic Concepts Pathophysiology Clinical Assessment Evaluation and Management Acute confusional states are common in older patients. The phenomenon of delirium is particularly challenging for clinicians because its outward manifestations vary greatly. As a result, delirium is hard to recognize. Additionally, many […]