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CHAPTER 135 VON WILLEBRAND DISEASE Williams Hematology CHAPTER 135 VON WILLEBRAND DISEASE DAVID GINSBURG Definition and History Etiology and Pathogenesis The Von Willebrand Factor Gene and Cdna Von Willebrand Factor Biosynthesis The Function of Von Willebrand Factor Molecular Genetics of Von Willebrand Disease Clinical Features Inheritance Clinical Symptoms Laboratory Features Bleeding Time Factor VIII Von […]

Chapter 135 – Retinal Breaks

Chapter 135 – Retinal Breaks   CRAIG M. GREVEN           DEFINITION • A full-thickness defect in the neural retina.   KEY FEATURES • A round, oval, or horseshoe-shaped defect. • Typical location near the vitreous base, but can occur anywhere. • Subcategories are holes, tears, or dialyses.   ASSOCIATED FEATURES • […]