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CHAPTER 132 ORAL ANTICOAGULATION Williams Hematology CHAPTER 132 ORAL ANTICOAGULATION SAM SCHULMAN History Vitamin K Antagonists Chemistry and Mode of Action Pharmacokinetics Dosing Monitoring Interactions Complications of Therapy Lactation Surgical Management Indications Novel Vitamin K Antagonists Other Oral Anticoagulants Glycosaminoglycans Inhibitors of Coagulation Factor XA Inhibitors of Thrombin Chapter References The original and principal oral […]

Chapter 132 – Coexistent Optic Nerve and Macular Abnormalities

Chapter 132 – Coexistent Optic Nerve and Macular Abnormalities   GARY C. BROWN MELISSA M. BROWN           DEFINITION • A heterogeneous group of optic nerve disorders that have secondary pathological effects on the macular retina.   KEY FEATURES • Structural changes of the optic nerve. • Secondary retinal detachment, retinoschisis, or […]