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CHAPTER 121 THE VASCULAR PURPURAS Williams Hematology CHAPTER 121 THE VASCULAR PURPURAS PAUL I. SCHNEIDERMAN Nonpalpable Purpura Increased Transmural Pressure Gradient Conditions Affecting the Integrity of the Blood Vessel Wall and its Supporting Tissues Trauma to Blood Vessels Palpable Purpura Cutaneous Vasculitis Dysproteinemias Primary Cutaneous Diseases Nonpurpuric Disorders Simulating Purpura Disorders with Telangiectasias Kaposi Sarcoma […]

Chapter 121 – Radiation Retinopathy and Papillopathy

Chapter 121 – Radiation Retinopathy and Papillopathy   DESMOND B. ARCHER           DEFINITION • A chronic, progressive retinal and papillary vasculopathy induced by suprathreshold doses of ionizing radiation.   KEY FEATURES • Retinal microaneurysms. • Retinal hemorrhages. • Retinal telangiectatic vessels. • Retinal hard exudates. • Macular edema. • Cotton-wool spots. […]