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CHAPTER 108 WALDENSTRÖM MACROGLOBULINEMIA Williams Hematology CHAPTER 108 WALDENSTRÖM MACROGLOBULINEMIA THOMAS J. KIPPS Definition and History Lymphoplasmacytic Neoplasms B-Lymphocytic Neoplasms Essential Monoclonal Macroglobulinemia Etiology and Pathogenesis Etiology Pathogenesis Clinical Features The Hyperviscosity Syndrome Laboratory Findings Serum Immunoglobulin and Blood Viscosity Blood and Marrow Cells Disorders of Hemostasis Renal Abnormalities Differential Diagnosis Therapy, Course, and Prognosis […]

Chapter 108 – Retinitis Pigmentosa and Related Disorders

Chapter 108 – Retinitis Pigmentosa and Related Disorders   PAUL A. SIEVING           DEFINITION • Retinitis pigmentosa and the related rod-cone and cone-rod dystrophies constitute a broad set of disorders that generally result in progressive visual dysfunction because of death of the photoreceptors.   KEY FEATURES • Progressive photoreceptor dysfunction and […]