Chapter 6 – Chemotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer

Chapter 6 – Chemotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer William H. Liggett Jr. Arlene A. Forastiere The otolaryngologist frequently cares for patients with head and neck cancer who will receive chemotherapy as part of their treatment ( Table 6–1 ). These patients usually have metastatic or locally advanced disease that is not amenable to curative […]

10.2 Alcohol and drug abuse

10.2 Alcohol and drug abuseOxford Textbook of Public Health 10.2Alcohol and drug abuse Don C. Des Jarlais and Robert L. Hubbard Definition of dependence on alcohol and other drugsEpidemiology Youth and young adults Adults Intravenous drug usersConsequencesAetiologyPreventionTreatment Approaches EffectivenessHIV/AIDS among injecting drug users Early risk reduction among injecting drug users Using psychological theories of health-related behaviour Social change theories of HIV risk reduction among […]

10.1 Tobacco

10.1 TobaccoOxford Textbook of Public Health 10.1Tobacco Samara Asma, Gonghuan Yang, Jonathan Samet, Gary Giovino, Douglas W. Bettcher, A.D. Lopez, and Derek Yach IntroductionThe tobacco epidemic History Epidemiological model of tobacco use and dependence Characteristics of the tobacco epidemic SummaryHistory, structure, and conduct of the multinational tobacco industry The global corporate actors Decades of deceit The tobacco industry’s public promises The tobacco industry’s public […]

9.14 Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

9.14 Acquired immunodeficiency syndromeOxford Textbook of Public Health 9.14Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Wiput Phoolcharoen and Roger Detels History of the HIV/AIDS epidemicNatural history of HIV infection and disease Cellular level Host level Community level Strains of virusTransmission of HIV Biological factors Social factors Political and economic factorsThe global epidemiology of HIVMonitoring the epidemicThe spectrum of clinical manifestations Developed countries Developing countriesTreatment Treatment in the developing countriesPaediatric AIDSThe […]

9.13 Sexually transmitted infections

9.13 Sexually transmitted infectionsOxford Textbook of Public Health 9.13Sexually transmitted infections Michael Adler and Frances Cowan IntroductionWhat are the diseases/organisms?Consequences/sequelae of STIsThe pattern and distribution of STIs around the worldInteraction of STIs with HIVControl programmes Primary prevention Secondary prevention Asymptomatic infection Partner notification Wide-scale screening Mass treatment/presumptive treatment Special services for core groups Failure to control STIs EvaluationConclusionChapter References IntroductionSexually transmitted infections (STIs) are those […]

Chapter 8 – Light Units

Chapter 8 – Light Units DAVID MILLER JEROME S. SARMIENTO STEPHEN K. BURNS DEFINITIONS • Light intensity can be defined either in general energy units or in operational terms, that is, in units that relate to the amount of light from optical and electronic images, as well the amount of light needed to damage the […]


Retroviral Vectors. The Moloney murine leukemia virus (MoMuLV) was the first virus used in developing a vector system for gene transfer. Parts of the retroviral genome that are involved in the replication of the MoMuLV—gag, pol, and env—are removed and replaced by a gene of interest. What remains of the retrovirus are the long terminal […]