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9.8 Dental public health

9.8 Dental public health Oxford Textbook of Public Health 9.8 Dental public health Stanley Gelbier and Peter G. Robinson Definition The importance of oral health Impacts of oral disease Frequency of oral disease Prevention Dental caries Epidemiology Traditional treatment Implications of changes in caries prevalence Periodontal diseases Pathogenesis Treatment Oral malignancy Dentofacial trauma Oral health […]

9.7 Public mental health

9.7 Public mental health Oxford Textbook of Public Health 9.7 Public mental health Peter Tyrer and Freya Tyrer General background Historical review of mental health service developments in relationship to public health Reasons why public health has historically ignored mental health Classification of mental illness Epidemiology of mental disorders Organic disorders Substance misuse Schizophrenia Mood […]

9.6 Endocrine and metabolic disorders

9.6 Endocrine and metabolic disorders Oxford Textbook of Public Health 9.6 Endocrine and metabolic disorders Basil S. Hetzel, Paul Zimmet, and Ego Seeman Introduction Iodine deficiency disorders History The ecology of iodine deficiency The physiology of iodine deficiency The iodine deficiency disorders Magnitude of the problem Assessment of iodine status The correction of iodine deficiency […]

9.4 Respiratory disease

9.4 Respiratory disease Oxford Textbook of Public Health 9.4 Respiratory disease T. H. Lam and A. J. Hedley Factors in respiratory disease Global respiratory mortality World burden of respiratory diseases Smoking and respiratory deaths in developed countries Deaths from smoking in developing countries Recent international and national actions Occupational factors and respiratory diseases Respiratory health […]

9.3 Cerebrovascular disease

9.3 Cerebrovascular disease Oxford Textbook of Public Health 9.3 Cerebrovascular disease Heizo Tanaka, Hiroyasu Iso, Tetsuji Yokoyama, Nobuo Yoshiike, and Yoshihiro Kokubo Death rates Crude death rates Age-adjusted death rates Incidence Definition and classification of stroke Case ascertainment and verification of diagnosis Incidence rates Prognosis of stroke Pathology, aetiology, and traditional risk factors for stroke […]

9.2 Neoplasms

9.2 Neoplasms Oxford Textbook of Public Health 9.2 Neoplasms Paolo Boffetta, Paul Brennan, and Rodolfo Saracci Principles of primary and secondary cancer prevention Primary prevention Secondary prevention The global burden of neoplasms Distribution, causes, and prevention of individual neoplasms Cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx Cancer of the oesophagus Cancer of the stomach Cancer […]

9.1 Cardiovascular diseases

9.1 Cardiovascular diseases Oxford Textbook of Public Health 9.1 Cardiovascular diseases Russell V. Luepker Introduction Burden of cardiovascular diseases Mortality Morbidity Disease trends Coronary heart disease Risk factors Congestive heart failure Rheumatic fever and heart disease Congenital heart disease Cardiomyopathy and myocarditis Chapter References Introduction Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and disability […]