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2.5 Food and nutrition

2.5 Food and nutrition Prakash S. Shetty Introduction Intrauterine growth retardation and low birth weight Protein–energy malnutrition Diarrhoeal disease and malnutrition Assessment of undernutrition in children in the community Cognitive and mental development and malnutrition Iron deficiency Iodine deficiency Vitamin A deficiency Adult undernutrition Diet and chronic non-communicable diseases Diet and cardiovascular diseases Coronary heart […]

2.6 Infectious agents

2.6 Infectious agents David Heymann The infectious disease situation at the end of the twentieth century Introduction Emerging and re-emerging infections Mortality in endemic infectious diseases Disability in endemic infectious diseases Infectious diseases and cancer Causes and consequences of emergence, re-emergence, and spread of infectious diseases Climate and environmental changes Health impact of El Niño […]

2.3 Education, health promotion, and social and lifestyle determinants of health and disease

2.3 Education, health promotion, and social and lifestyle determinants of health and disease Lawrence W. Green and Louise Potvin Introduction Specific behaviours and health Behaviours and disease—the causal links Behavioural risk factors and the public’s health Complexity and determinants of behaviours Socio-economic and cultural factors and health Socio-economic status and mortality Socio-economic status and morbidity […]

2.4 Human and medical genetics

2.4 Human and medical genetics Friedrich Vogel and Arno G. Motulsky Recent developments in human and medical genetics Human genetics and disease Chromosomal diseases Trisomies Public health policy considerations regarding amniocentesis Other chromosomal anomalies Monogenic diseases Non-Mendelian mechanisms Mutations and hereditary diseases Frequencies of hereditary diseases Complex multifactorial anomalies and diseases Birth defects Common chronic […]

2.2 Social, economic, and cultural environment and human health

2.2 Social, economic, and cultural environment and human health Nicolette Hart Human existence and the social environment Urban industrialism as a health revolution Global capitalism and the social environment of nation-states Society and nation designating boundaries for the impact of the social environment on health The social environment and the expressive body Macro- and micro-arenas […]

2.1 Overview and framework

2.1 Overview and framework Robert Beaglehole Introduction The public health context Models of the determinants of health Global and local determinants of health The determinants of health and disease Hereditary determinants Socio-economic determinants Lifestyles and other behavioural determinants Gender-related determinants Cultural determinants Political determinants Conclusion Chapter References Introduction This chapter begins by providing an overview […]

1.4 Countries in economic transition: the history and development of public health in China and Korea

1.4 Countries in economic transition: the history and development of public health in China and Korea Don Kyoun Kim and Shun-Zhang Yu Public health in China Public health in Korea Improved national health in Korea Determinants of health in Korea Spectrum of diseases in Korea Trends in health policy in Korea Organization of public health […]

1.3 The history and development of public health in developing countries

1.3 The history and development of public health in developing countries Than Sein and Uton Muchtar Rafei Introduction Early public health Empirical public health Colonial public health Foundation of international public health Implementation of the International Health Institution Science-oriented public health Development of basic health services Disease prevention and control campaigns Public health successes Gaps […]

Chapter 22 – Management of LASIK Complications

Chapter 22 – Management of LASIK Complications SAMIR G. FARAH DIMITRI T. AZAR DEFINITION • The management of LASIK complications involves an appreciation of specific pathogenetic mechanisms, knowledge of appropriate interventional measures, and careful observation of surgical outcomes. KEY FEATURES • Serious microkeratome-related complications often require repositioning of the flap and postponing laser ablation. • […]

Chapter 21 – LASIK Complications

Chapter 21 – LASIK Complications VOLKAN DAYANIR DIMITRI T. AZAR DEFINITION • Despite the overwhelming success of LASIK, complications of LASIK may result in poor visual outcomes. KEY FEATURES • Preoperative complications may result from excessive anesthetics, conjunctival chemosis, or improper draping of the eyelashes. • Intraoperative complications include poor suction, free cap, incomplete flap, […]