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CHAPTER 15 NUTRITION Practice of Geriatrics CHAPTER 15 NUTRITION Adil Abbasi, M.D. Principles of Clinical Nutrition Age-Related Pathophysiologic Changes and their Influence on Nutritional Status of Older People Nutritional Requirements of Older People Nutritional Assessment Nutritional Problems Tube Feeding for Enteral Nutrition Nutritional problems frequently complicate the course of medical illness. Nutritional problems in hospitalized […]


CHAPTER 14 EXERCISE Practice of Geriatrics CHAPTER 14 EXERCISE Julie Chandler, Ph.D., P.T., and Stephanie Studenski, M.D., M.P.H. Strength Training Programs in the Elderly Aerobic Exercise Training in the Elderly Balance Training in the Elderly Combined Exercise Programs Discussion Choice of Exercise Program Regular exercise offers an attractive approach to preventing decline and restoring function […]


CHAPTER 13 PREVENTIVE HEALTH MAINTENANCE Practice of Geriatrics SECTION III PREVENTION/REHABILITATION IN GERIATRIC PRACTICE CHAPTER 13 PREVENTIVE HEALTH MAINTENANCE Mark Joseph Magenheim, M.D., M.P.H. Methodologic Criteria for Screening Application of Preventive Assessment Recommendations Goals of Preventive Assessment of the Elderly Specific Recommendations Summary Attention to clinical preventive services has increased in the past decade, as […]

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHF)

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHF) Diagnosis 1. Early: severe febrile illness, decr’d blood pressure, postural hypotension, petechiae, easy bleeding, flushing of face and chest, non-dependent edema 2. Late: headache, photophobia, pharyngitis, cough, N/V/D, abd pain, G.I. bleeding, hyperesthesia, dizziness, confusion, tremor, malaise, myalgias 3. Labs: thrombocytopenia (exception: Lassa) and leukopenia (exception: Lassa, Hantaan, some severe CCHF […]


CHAPTER 12 PALLIATIVE CARE Practice of Geriatrics CHAPTER 12 PALLIATIVE CARE Diane E. Meier, M.D., R. Sean Morrison, M.D., and Judith C. Ahronheim, M.D. Confronting Death Palliative Care Symptom Management Use of Life-Sustaining Treatments in the Terminally Ill Bereavement The dramatic advances in medical care that haver taken place during the past century have had […]


CHAPTER 11 OFFICE PRACTICE Practice of Geriatrics CHAPTER 11 OFFICE PRACTICE Eric G. Tangalos, M.D., C.M.D. Health Recommendations for Disease Prevention Preoperative Assessment of Older Adults The Structured Office Visit Office Tidbits The Organized Office Medication Review Advance Directives Social Services Summary The office practice of geriatric medicine offers primary care physicians as well as […]


CHAPTER 10 HOME CARE Practice of Geriatrics CHAPTER 10 HOME CARE George Taler, M.D. and Timothy J. Keay, M.D., M.A.-Th. Benefits of Home Care Developing an Office-Based House Call Program Special Considerations Summary Home care is the fastest growing sector of health services delivery in the United States.1 Medicare expenditures for home health care increased […]

Primary Blast Injury (PBI)

Primary Blast Injury (PBI) General Management Respiratory System Arterial Air Emboli G.I. System Auditory System General Management 1. Initiate life support 2. Hx: distance from explosion, underwater or in enclosure 3. PE: ruptured tympanic membrane; retinal air emboli; SQ emphysema; ecchymoses 4. CBC, CXR, CT chest, abdomen, head if H&P suggests pathology 5. Limit physical […]

Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure Exposure Levels Exposure Risks Management Specimen Collection Decontamination Exposure Levels 1. Rad (radiation absorbed dose): special unit of absorbed dose 2. Rem (roetgen equivalent man): Biologic effect of radiation Unit of radiation dose equivalent Equal to absorbed dose in rads x relative biologic effectiveness of radiation in question 3. Gy: measures absorbed dose […]

Chemical Agent ID/Detection

Chemical Agent ID/Detection M8 M9 M256A1 CAM M8A1 M272 M258A1 M291 M295 Paper, CM Agent Detector: M8 1. Identifys type of agent present in liquid form on battlefield 2. Takes 30 secs; false positive with insecticides, petroleum, antifreeze Paper, CM Agent Detector: M9 1. Detects presence of liquid agent, but doesn’t identify specific agent or […]